Global Advisory Network

Bringing medical expertise to Ghana virtually from across the globe


Global Advisory Network

People heard about the success of the Mobile Clinic and started bringing ailing family members from all over Ghana, as well as the neighboring countries. Many of the patients did not require pediatric surgery or psychiatry, but they brought their loved ones nonetheless.

Many of these afflicted people needed specialist medical care, such as the one-year-old boy with a horn-shaped forehead, and the nine-month-old baby girl whose leg deformity required her to be sent to Florida in the USA for treatment.

At times, the cases were so rare and unusual, or complex, that Britta started to consult online with specialists across the globe. Initially based on Britta’s existing network, it grew to include specialists from Israel, the USA, the UK, Belgium, Germany,

and Spain. The sense of solidarity and value of these networked responses were both beyond expectations and extremely helpful. Over time a body of knowledge was gathered in a wide area of medical disciplines.

This Advisory Network is now well established and has strong links to overseas medical specialists who provide expert knowledge from their locations.