HopeXchange Medical Center

Missionary hospital with a specialist center for academic teaching


HopeXchange Medical Center

The Catholic Archdiocese built the HopeXchange Medical Center which opened in April 2016 in Apire, a village near Kumasi. HopeXchange serves a catchment area of over half a million people, principally in disadvantaged areas in the Ashanti and neighboring Western region. It is organized by the Catholic health services, works with the Ghana National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), and employs staff on a government salary.

The establishment of HopeXchange Medical Centre has given families who had babies and children with severe cases of pediatric surgery with life-threatening malformations or acute conditions access to globally connected center of excellence in pediatric surgery.

GNMC helped lead the establishment of a Pediatric Surgery Department at HopeXchange, one which combines a pediatric surgery unit inside the children’s ward, a complete theater setup for children and babies, and three local pediatric surgeons that operate there three times a week. The doctors of HopeXchange Hospital accompany the children and their families from their first visit, through all stages of the medical care and manage the postoperative course and follow-ups.

  • GNMC provides continuous medical education for the nurses and doctors in pediatric surgery, theater handling, pre-and postoperative care, anesthetist training and more.
  • Activities: manage the unit, carry out surgery, develop protocols and guidelines for theater, recovery room and post op, train theater team and ward nurses.
  • GNMC does not yet have a mobile clinic based at the HopeXchange Medical Center, though one is planned to be established in the near future
  • Ori and Britta’s teaching seminars and workshops, which were already held in St. Patrick’s missionary hospital, are now also integrated into the new hospital. The teaching of junior residents, medical assistants, nurses, and nurse assistants is a combination of practical bedside and hands-on training. GNMC provides workshops for medical and paramedical professionals, including general practitioners, pediatricians, nurses, students.