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Patient numbers and surgery requirements are increasing all the time. Gye Nyame mobile clinic and the associated projects rely on donations from generous supporters to ensure that our essential work continues.

We also need to raise funds for the new pediatric and psychiatry units that are being set up at HopeXchange Hospital. As well as paying for the construction and installation of the units, we need to buy surgical instruments and medications.

The interminable problem we face is poverty. This especially affects the children who require pediatric surgery, where the parents’ lack of money means they cannot afford the health insurance needed to buy medications or pay for an operation.

While we continue to seek a lasting solution, we have, meanwhile, set up a special fund to ensure that as many children as possible get the surgical care they deserve. In 2014, we were delighted to inform our readers that 53 children underwent successful surgery thanks to those who kindly donated to this fund.